Andale Daewon Donut Bearings & Wax


Known for his love for donuts, Andale present’s Daewon Song’s pro model Donut Bearings. This package comes with eight bearings along with 2 piece of skate wax, both shaped like donuts. A quirky set of accessories that offer your complete reliable speed with the convenience of skate wax to help turn those ledges, hubbas, and curbs into buttery smooth obstacles.

  • Daewon Donut Bearings and Wax from Andale.
  • Signature Daewon Song pro model bearings.
  • Package includes, 8 bearings/spacers, and 2 donut shaped skate wax.
  • 65 precision ball bearings for speed.
  • Precision machined raceways for maximum wear resistance.
  • Glass filled nylon cage for durability.
  • Removable frictionless rubber shields for easy cleaning.
  • Spacers reduce excess side loading to extend the life of the bearings.
  • Imported.

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