Independent Figgy Std 129mm Hollow Faded Skateboard Trucks


Independent 129 Stage 11 Low skate trucks are made with the same superior and precise turning geometry for increased stability when landing tricks, better ‘speed-wobble’ control and decreasing the chances of ‘wheel-bite.’ The Hanger sits lower than the standard model for a lower ride, offering quicker ollies and a more responsive flow.

The stage 11 trucks also have improved grind clearance to avoid grinding down your kingpin, as well as an improved ‘Yoke’ (divider round the bushing seat top and bottom) reducing hang-up potential for grinds like smiths and feebles.

4140 Chromoly steel axles (Nickel -1.55-2.0% for increasing hardness, Chromium – 0.5-0.96% for increasing hardness and elastic limits, Molybdenum – 0.25% for increasing hardness and Carbon – 4% increases strength and toughness.


  • Made in America
  • Hanger – 127mm
  • Board size – 7.4” – 7.9”
  • Height – 48.5mm
  • Hanger – 356 T6 Aluminium
  • Cast base plates, suits 1” bolts.
  • Bushings – 90A standard red (Low) Independent bushings

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